Sitemap - 2023 - The Gospel of the Kingdom

Will You Help Us Do It Again in 2024?

Christmas: The Great Exchange

C.S. Lewis and the Perils of Self-Will

When Our Inaction Enables Oppression

Thanksgiving: The Remedy for Cultural Contempt

The Underrated Power of Theological Reflection

Who Makes Our Rules of War?

Love Reconsidered

Deep Peace in a Time of Conflict

Jesus: The Healer of Bad Religion

Bringing the "Real Me" to Justice-Seeking

On Jesus and Justice

Making Peace With Time

The Art of Redemptive Conversation

What Jesus Intended for You and Me

A Last Stop Before You Give Up on Church

Finding the "Yes" When Life Screams "No"

The Path to Lasting Freedom

Staying in the Room With Difference

Juneteenth: A Fearless Call to Celebrate, Educate and Agitate

How to Find Yourself in God’s Story

The Book of Revelation: It’s Not What You Thought.

Are You or Someone You Love Deconstructing Faith?

Walking Jesus' Path

Peace Is Not Found. It is Built.

Staying in Church: Complicit or Faithful?

Finding Joy in a Broken World

From Exile to Christlikeness

“I Will Fear No Evil”: How Psalm 23 Shapes Us as Agents of Justice

Why Justice Is a Powerful Apologetic

The False Dichotomy Between Faith and Knowledge

Want to Become an Agent of Justice and Peace? Here's How.

The Unlikely Power of Gentleness and Respect

Want to Communicate the Good News? Try This.

The Beauty of a Mended Life

3 Common Questions About the Holy Spirit

What Is the Purpose of the Church?

A Model for Sacred Engagement With Culture

Vulnerability and Weakness: The Soil for Profound Creativity