Many people are looking for a reason to believe in God and to follow Jesus. Our actions can help.
Is faith for those who are blind to reality? No—and here's why.
Want to Become an Agent of Justice and Peace? Here's How.Watch now (1 min) | One simple action can make all the difference.
Why do we assume difference requires conflict—usually in the form of loud, fearful, defensive responses?
Instead of shouting loud enough to drown out the competition, choose the way of Jesus.
We all come to Christ in a marred state. That's why we need spiritual formation—or the shaping of our inner selves into the image of Christ.
Much to the harm of the Church, the coming of the Spirit is often misconstrued and controversial.
Is it personal salvation? Is it maintaining a certain structure? Is it Sunday morning worship? Let's explore where the Church finds its true meaning…
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The Gospel of the Kingdom