Mar 13, 2023Liked by Bishop Todd Hunter

A good read. :) It is absolutely true that Christians overlook the importance of the Holy Spirit, and it's absolutely certain this is because of the bad taste left by the hypercharismatic. However, marginalizing such an important part of the NT would be like marginalizing the kingdom of God. It's inconceivable that one could overlook something so significant. The doctrine of the Spirit is something I still have to do in-depth study of, but it's clear that Christians need to recognize and reevaluate the Spirit's role in their life and theology.

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Todd, great job summarizing the work of the Holy Spirit in this post! There does seem to be those extremes of over emphasizing the gifts of the Spirit and ignoring them completely. Thank you for presenting a balanced view. May the Holy Spirit continue to empower us for Kingdom living. God bless!

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